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Lifting magnets market in 2022: two reasons you need EMP lifter

May 09,2022

A lifting magnet is an electro-permanent magnet designed to pick&place objects. Electro-permanent lifting magnets can be used for a variety of purpose,including automation,construction and other industries. The benefits of lifting magnets are undisputed-more profitability,productivity,flexibility,higher quality and even more employee satisfaction. Given the current economic landscape, manufacturers need these advantages now more than ever. If you’ve considered using EPM lifter but haven’t yet,or are thinking about your efficiency in your factory,the time is now. Here are some reasons why you need EPM lifter:

Labor shortages:

The main challenge manufacturers face is the gap between the demand and the availability of workers.Unfortunately, the labor shortages will only get worse in the coming years. Complicating the issue further is the aging workforce. As these workers continue to near the retirement age,filling open positions from a shrinking talent pool will get even more challenging.

EPM lifter can help ease the burden by filling the labor gaps. EPM lifters only require a few people to operate. In fact,it’s easy for untrained employees to operate the lifting magnets. By providing manufacturers with an easy and safe way to operate the repetitive jobs. Organizations can shift existing employees to new and more valuable roles.

Operational flexibility and financial competitive advantage

In addition to labor shortages, manufacturers also face intense economic and political uncertainty. Adding to the complexity,today’s consumers increasingly demand higher quality products and real-time availability-at low costs. These pressures make running a profitable production line more challenging than ever before.

Providing the flexibility they need to compete,grow and profit in any economic climate,lifting magnets can make companies competitive. Unlike costly industrial tools,lifting magnets are affordable,versatile,and easy to integrate into work processes. They are light weight,space-saving and easy to operate,without changing the production layout.

Lifting magnets are a proven solution for increasing productivity and overall equipment effectiveness,including availability and downtime.


You probably will ask yourself “CAN I AFFORD LIFTING MAGNETS?”. There is no need to worry about it. The price of lifting magnets is higher than other tools,but they save energy and are friendly to the environment. Once the magnet is on,no more electricity is required. Also the lifting magnets require low maintenance,making them a flexible and cost-effective choice for companies.

We understand the challenges facing your business today and are ready to help.

See how our lifting magnets enable you to take advantages of the benefits of lifting magnets right now,without worrying about capital expenditures.

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