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Advantages and disadvantages of milling operations on a magnet

May 10,2022

During milling operations, the most important thing is to clamp your workpiece firmly to prevent unwanted movement or vibrations. Mechanical clamps can do that, but they also risk damaging the clamped workpieces. Magnetic chucks can help you to avoid these problems.

the definition of the magnetic chucks?

Magnetic chucks are the devices that use magnetic force to hold ferrous metal parts during machining. EPM chucks produce an adjustable power, allowing them to have various workpieces. 

Benefits of milling on a magnet

A momentous benefit of using magnetic chucks is the constant holding power and clamping force. Throughout the process, there is no variation.

Maximum safety

Compared to other mechanical clamps, the magnetic chuck's constant gripping power improves the industrial process's safety. even there is a power failure during the processing, the EPM chuck holds firmly. There is no fear of workpieces falling down onto workers.

Faster process

The gorgeous holding also reduces the vibration allowing faster feeds at high speeds without much vibration and noise. They also increase the accuracy.


Magnetic chucks can be used to attach different shapes, sizes and dimensions. 

Low maintenance

EPM chucks require little or no supervision.

Reduction in damage to the workpieces

EPM chucks hold the whole workpieces and offer an equal amount of pressure along the entire body. So the entire workpiece gets the minimum damage.

Reduction in the cost of operation

If the process involves multiple parts with varying dimensions, traditional mechanical clamping systems require more time to set out and prepare for the machining process. However, EPM chucks reduce the setup time and increase productivity.

Faster assembly.

Using EPM chucks to affix workpieces is faster and easier. This eases the installation process even if you need to transfer it from one machine to another.

Do not generate heat.

EPM chucks do not generate any heat, so there is no need to worry about the deformation of the parts during the process.


Limits of milling on a magnet

In fact, EPM chucks cannot be used to secure non-magnetic materials like wood, brass and stainless steel.

EPM chuck is ideal for milling operations on more robust workpieces made of ferromagnetic materials.

Consult our expert beforehand on whether EPM chuck is suitable for your workpieces.




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