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Are You Looking For A Vertical Plate Electro-permanent Magnetic Lifter?

May 13,2022

Regarding handling steel plates or flat workpieces, some scenes will require a vertical lifting magnet for flanging, tilting, welding, and assembly work with a certain inclination angle. The regular electro-permanent magnetic lifter cannot conduct such an operation. HVR can provide you with a new solution.


It's a vertical lifting system that can ideally suit the extraction of the vertically stacked steel plate. This product is not limited to the vertical storage of steel plates. It can flip to any suitable angular, and the maximum tilt angle is close to 90 degrees. The realization of vertical lifting mainly depends on the friction resistance between the steel plate and the magnetic poles, so the suction force of the electro-permanent magnet should be higher than the horizontal electro-permanent magnet lifter at least five times to ensure no slippage during the vertical lifting and handling of work. The electro-permanent magnet with its rotatable mechanism relies on the self-weight of the plate to achieve the turning, completing the side lifting operation. It also can conduct horizontal lifting through a locking limit device. In this way, changeover conveniently and quickly between horizontal and vertical lifting. There is no doubt that a electro-permanent magnet lifter can be your best choice for high efficiency and low cost.


Why is an electro-permanent magnet lifter reliable for vertical lifting?


1. By adopting electric control permanent magnet technology, charging an

instantaneous power in the state of magnetization and demagnetization. The working process no longer uses electricity, so there is no such phenomenon as traditional electromagnet by the continuous use of electricity and heating up to affect the suction force, and save more than 95% of electricity.


2. The demagnetization cycle is fast, the working magnetic force is not affected by the power failure of the system such as power failure after magnetization. The workpiece surface magnetism can realize fast suction force relief after demagnetization.


3. The electric control cabinet is fully functional and easy to operate, with push-button control or remote control for charging and demagnetizing. By virtue of a double magnetization cycle, magnetic switch, magnetization saturation detection, and safety button for protection.


HVR can design lifting solutions based on the length, width, thickness, and weight of the steel plate to achieve the perfect lifting operation. With multiple electric permanent magnets laid out on the steel plate and lifted together with the beam above, the vertical lifting device can be applied in the loading and unloading process where the steel plate needs to move from one side to another work zone. The appearance of the electro-permanent magnet is different from the conventional design, which is changed to be flexible and movable in the upper part, overcoming the friction between the steel plate and the electro-permanent magnet to ensure that it does not slide. With the loading parts for vertical turning, the load can be rotated safely from horizontal to vertical. HVR electro-permanent magnetic lifter for vertical steel plate lifting is widely used in automotive, aviation, metallurgy, and other fields.


If that's the magnetic lifting machine you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. More information is waiting for you on our official website.

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