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How do you sort the steel parts after cutting?

May 03,2022

Cutting is one of the most common processes in industrial production, but how do you efficiently sort the steel parts after cutting?

Automatic sorting systems

You must hear about automatic sorting systems in the logistics and courier industries, but the automated sorting of steel parts is still unfamiliar to everyone. The laser has been used for cutting the steel plates, and the automated sorting robots for steel parts need to stack these different specifications uniformly.

What is the best choice?

The best choice is to choose the unmanned operation in line with the digital factory.

The uncrewed operation uses robots, electro-permanent magnetic grippers and other equipment for automatic sorting. The electro-permanent magnetic grippers are installed at the end of the truss manipulators and electro-permanent magnetic robots. It is used to transport the variously shaped parts to the conveyor belt. Then, the electro-permanent magnetic gripper grabs the steel parts and places them at the designed location to complete the automated sorting and palletizing of the cutting elements. The key to the automatic steel sorting robot is the small magnets installed at the end of the truss. The magnets use their magnetic force to pick up and sort the steel plates. The use of electro-permanent magnetic grippers can significantly reduce labour costs and quickly increase the customer workshop production rate. Moreover, the workpiece will not fall due to the power outage and workplace safety guaranteed.

With the rising cost of employment in manufacturing companies, the expectation for transformation and upgrading of companies is becoming more and more urgent. The application of industrial grippers frees workers from monotonous and repetitive work, improves the working environment and enhances products’ quality. It is inevitable for enterprises to choose grippers.

HVR offers industrial electro-permanent magnetic grippers that will boost your productivity. Our experts will take care of the heavy lifting, from lifting magnets to lifting systems, so you do not have to. Contact us today to get started.

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