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Can steel coils be handled efficiently with an electro-permanent magnetic lifter? Why?

Apr 28,2022

The handling of steel coils is different from other ordinary steel plates. Regular steel plates are stacked, and the surface of the plates is smooth and easy to absorb, so the handling is less complicated. 

We can use the latest electro-permanent magnetic lifter to transport single or multiple plates, which is efficient and convenient. However, steel coils are round workpieces, and some of them are encased in paper for protection, so it is difficult to transport. Can steel coils be handled efficiently with an electro-permanent magnetic lifter?

The answer is "yes". Compared to the traditional handling methods, the electro-permanent magnetic lifter is fast and high efficient. Due to the unique structures of workpieces, there are some difficulties in handling them. We need to consider and overcome these factors to make the steel coils operate more efficiently.

1. The impact of the air gap

Typically, there is 1-2mm of unevenness in the steel coils, and the thickness of the wrapping paper is usually around 2-3mm, so we need to attract the steel coils with a 5mm air gap. We can solve the problem by increasing the depth of permeability by adjusting the suction force of the electro-permanent magnets and increasing the number of layers of coils.

2. Will the increased permeability depth affect other steel coil products and cause adsorption together?

In the case of different thicknesses of steel coil products, will the adsorption of thin steel strip coil workpieces cause collateral adsorption? Suppose an electromagnetic lifter is used for handling. It is very likely to happen because the electromagnetic lifter cannot adjust its force in the transportation of thin steel coils, and it will cause collateral absorption of the workpiece. In contrast, the electro-permanent magnet lifter does not because its magnetic force is adjustable. Adjusting the appropriate magnetic force size will not cause a collateral impact on the workpiece below through the customer's specialised needs. 

3. The influence of the magnetic force on the curved surface of the steel coil

The contact surface of the workpiece will have a curvature, which increases the difficulty of contact and will have a particular influence on the size of the magnetic force. The contact surface of the workpiece is kept at a good range, reducing the impact on the magnetic force size. To fit the curvature of the workpiece, we can make the contact surface of the electro-permanent magnetic lifter slightly curved, which will keep the contact surface of the electro-permanent magnetic lifter with the workpiece in a good range and reduce the influence on the magnitude of the magnetic force.

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