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HVR AUTOMATIC Electro-permanent magnetic lifter vs permanent lifter, which is better?

Apr 27,2022

HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter and permanent lifter have the features of strong attraction, small volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting force, and easy and safe to operate. Also, both of them use their rising and falling action to convert the magnetic force. What is the difference between HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter? Read on if you are interested in it.

(permanent magnetic lifter)

First, activation and deactivation are carried out by mechanical removal of the internal system with permanent magnets. Only when transported to a certain height, the permanent magnetic lifter is magnetic; however, there is a sensor inside the HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter. We use it to automatically sense the rising and falling action signal to magnetize and demagnetize. It saves time. HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter is intelligent in the magnetizing and demagnetizing process.

(HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter)

Secondly, the permanent magnetic lifter does not require electricity, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In contrast, the HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter only uses electricity for a few seconds to turn on and turn off its magnetic lifting power. It does not use electricity during the lifting period and keeps its lifting capacity even in a mains power failure. The power supply or battery electro-permanent magnetic lifer can be customized according to the different working conditions.

Furthermore, about the trouble rate, the electro-permanent magnetic lifter is very reliable, and breakdowns are rare. Therefore, the price is relatively high.Nevertheless, a permanent magnetic lifter is different. It needs to move the internal parts to convert the magnetism, which is costly to repair.

We can use both to lift small steel plates, steel pipes and other workpieces. The permanent magnetic lifter is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, and HVR automatic electro-permanent magnetic lifter is ideal for large enterprises. Each of the two lifters has an inferior position. Choosing the right industrial magnet for your application is important, so detailed consideration of your lifting needs is a must. If you want to learn more about magnets, we would like to recommend you to HVR Magnets for more information.


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