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July 1 - HVR MAG's Team Building Day

Jul 02,2021
July 1 is the corporate team building day of HVR MAG, with the aim to celebrate its renewed sales performance of all electro-permanent magnetic products, covering steel lifting magnets, magnetic chucks, magnetic mold clamping system for injection molding machine, and magnetic grippers in robotics, despite the impact of covid-19.

To get the team together in the fresh air, HVR MAG chose outdoor activities for corporate team building, which was divided into two parts: team activities and individual activities.

Team activities mainly include warm-up activities and group competition. Organized in groups, they're intended to facilitate mutual communication and collaboration, as communication between staff and departments is the key to getting things done correctly and properly.

As to the individual type of activities, there are three options for each employee: venturous Jungle Surfing, Counter Strike Cosplay, and Archery.

In appreciation for their good work in the past half year of 2021, HVR MAG took all its team members out on the first day of July, to strengthen team bonds and fresh up their mind. In the second half of the year, HVR MAG will surely be going all out to achieve a higher level!
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