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With HVR Magentic Milling Chuck, You Can Gain Maximum Flexibility and Productivity

Aug 08,2018

In traditinal CNC factory, operating with vices and clamps the workpieces are never completely free and it is necessary to use multiple placements to complete the processing cycle.

Using HVR Magnetic milling chuck the piece is always free on all 5 faces, allowing the complete machining in a single positioning, improving the working of tools in all operations such as face milling, contouring, through holes and drilling.

Using HVR Magnetic milling chuck, the clamping force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface without any compression and deformation of the piece. The absence of vibration allows higher stock removal, better finishing and more strict manufacturing tolerances.

In a few seconds the work piece is positioned and locked firmly (up to 16 kg / cm2).

The system is permanent electro, therefore intrinsically safe. Any power outages do not affect the strength of the clamping.

Using a combination of fixed and mobile polar extensions, it creates a flexible magnetic bed that can clamp itself to the workpiece and lock it firmly. The new mobile extensions RMP make such operations even more simple and practical.
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