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Short Introduction of Permanent Lifting Magnet and Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet

Aug 27,2018

Lifting magnets are divided into multiple categories including permanent lifting magnets and electro-permanent lifting magnets. Manually-switched permanent lifting magnets can be used to lift flat round ferromagnetic objects that can be as heavy as 1000 kg. More specifically, such magnets can be used to lift machine parts, work pieces or steel loads from locations without using electricity. The specialty of electro-permanent lifting magnets lies in the fact that they use electricity for less than one second to activate or deactivate their magnetic power. This means that they do not need electric power to hold loads and in case of power failure, the load will still remain attached to the magnet.

(Permanent electromagnet lifter for lifting pipes)

Electro-permanent lifting magnets appear as battery-powered models as well as mains electricity- activated versions.Lifting capacity becomes your primary consideration when you look forward to investing in new lifting magnets. Lifting magnets are designed to lift loads in the 100KG to 40Tons range. Lifting magnets appear in sturdy construction and they are tested for safety before being shipped. Manufacturers often advise buyers on the choice of lifting magnets depending on the purpose and the types of loads that need to be lifted. Each magnet comes with a test report and a unique serial number that further testifies equipment safety and efficacy.

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