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Application and Advantages of Magnetic Welding Fixture

Sep 19,2018

Welding fixture is a general term for the jig, mechanical device or magnetic device that plays a coordinating and auxiliary role in the assembly and welding process of welding structure production.

Welding jig mainly includes positioning device, clamping device, jig device etc.Mechanical equipment  mainly includes welding transposition machine, welding machine operator, welder lifting platform and so on. 

Application: Most welding tools are specially designed for the welding process of some welding components,it is a non-standard device. It is necessary to design and manufacture or customize according to the product structure, production conditions and actual needs of the factory,welding tooling design is one of the important contents of production preparation.

Innovation:The traditional welding clamp is mostly mechanical clamping device,this will have some damage to the workpiece, slower and less efficient.The electric permanent magnet welding jig can be used to weld the correct relative position of various parts when the package is fixed,can prevent or reduce welding distortion of workpiece.Especially in mass production, it can stabilize and improve welding quality, reduce the size deviation of welding parts and interchangeability of packaging products.

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