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Electro Permanent Magnet Lifter for 1.8t Motor Rotor

Sep 11,2018
It's a electro permanent magnet lifter can pick / lifting the electric motor rotor easy and safety,  even power off the electric motor rotor will not drop off.

Main Features of Electric motor rotor magnetic pick up tool
1.Material : NdFeB and Alnico , combines the advantages of both permanent and electromagnetic lifters
2.Specialstructure concept can guarantee each process only lifting one piece of steel sheet from stack without separating.
3.Safety Interlock Key – 2 buttons are needed to pressed simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of accidental operation.
4.MAG/DEMAG – press the MAG/DEMAG button do magnetizing and demagnetizing, the lifter will lifting and releasing the steel plate accordingly.
5.Lamp Block – Displays the systems present state.
6.Radio Remote Control – Operates from a convenient distance all the functions
7.Landing detection – Accidental Demagnetization Preventions Mechanism. Disable the demagnetization cycle when carrying load.
8.Power: it only comsume the electro power during MAG/DEMAG phase in few seconds, when working no need electricity , even power off the steel plate will not drop off.
The advantages of Electric motor rotor magnetic pick up tool
1.Handling the electric motor rotor quickly, save human source, just need user to press buttons, the lifting and releasing ferrous load could be realized.
2.Without compressing or deforming the load, keep the lifted electric motor rotor in high quality.
3.High safety , because no electric power is required during the working period , avoid the risk of falling accident when sudden power failure
4.Energy saving : more than 95% energy could be saving compare traditional lifting electromagnet, since it only needs electricity with less than 3 seconds, no energy consuming during the handing period.
5.Maintenance free : There is no moving parts of the lifter, reducing the mechanical trouble, only needs electricity with less than 3 seconds, the inside copper coil no chance to became too hot to have trouble.
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