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DYCM-10060 Rectangular Magnetic Chucks for Plane Surface Grinding Machine

May 11,2021
Magnetic chuck used for plane surface grinding machine, is also called magnetic bed or magnetic table. Usually in rectangular shape, it's often designed with high magnetic holding force for workpiece to be machined.

Below is an application of the newly delivered 3pcs of DYCM-10060 electro-permanent magnetic chucks, been put into use in a manufacturing plant of bending machine. Plus the 2pcs previously purchased, there are 5pcs of magnetic beds from HVR MAG in use.

Specifications of magnetic bed:

Size: 600*1000*85mm
Rated magnetic holding force could up to 12kg/cm2
Working voltage: DC 160V
Working current: 44.5V
Weight of each magnetic bed: About 370kg

As these magnetic beds utilizes electro-permanent magnetic technology, they an be activated & deactivated within just a few seconds.
MAG: connect to electricity and workpieces could be hold by invisible but powerful magnetic force.
DEMAG: disconnect with power supply, and workpieces could be released.

Why did they prefer magnetic bed from HVR MAG:
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