Robotic Arm Gripper - Electromagnet VS EPM

This is another application of HVR MAG's EPMs on robotic arms in automation in Qingdao, ShanDong Province. See how this robotic arm gripper helps improving client factory's metal part assembling efficiency.

A brief introduction to the working scenario: the robot needs to grip one piece of sheet metal cut part one time and hold, transfer and position it into the next assembly line for robotic welding.
They had been using electromagnetic grippers on robots to perform the automatic picking of steel parts for some time. Then what makes them stop using their own robotic arm grippers any more?

The reasons are clear and simple:

HVR MAG designed robotic arm gripper:

Learn more about our robotic arm gripper applications in automation, you can visit our CASE section on our website, or you can Contact Us to get a quote.

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