How does Robot Arm Magnetic Gripper Help Automation Production of Reefer Container Equipment?

Robot Arm Magnetic Gripper for Automation Production of Reefer Container Equipment

This application of robot arm magnetic gripper is in the automation manufacturing of reefer container equipment, including mobile cold storage box, pallet wide reefer container, thermal container, reefer containers for road transportation, etc. As a large enterprise in reefer logistics equipment, our customer has put much emphasis on automation production.

The magnetic grippers for robot end effector are used to carry and place the side panels of containers and rows of channel steel.
As a robot EOAT, a magnetic gripper greatly improves the efficiency of ferrous material handling. The accuracy of lifting and placing, the cost-saving of manpower, and the fast articulation between different processes, all stand out and make the magnetic gripper a reliable robotic arm tool.

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