Automatic handling of steel cord for radial tires with magnetic grippers

Steel cord is the most widely developed product in the rubber skeleton material and is the most challenging product to produce in the metal products. Its quality is directly related to the quality and safety of tires and is an essential product in the automotive parts industry. Therefore the handling of steel cords is also very crucial. How do you achieve 0 damage?

What is a steel cord?

Steel cord is widely used worldwide as a reinforcing material for car tires and is used in large quantities in rubber products such as transport belts, cog belts, high-pressure hoses, and automatic stair handrails. Steel cord is used as a reinforcing material for tires, either in the breaker belt or the carcass. Steel cord is only used in tires with a ply, called semi-steel radial tires; steel cord is used in tires with both a ply and a carcass, called all-steel radial tires.

Steel cord is a very narrow but essential product in the automotive parts industry, involving fundamental safety indicators for tires. It is the steel cord that ensures the life of a family when driving at high speeds. This industry had previously been using manual lifting by hook, which posed specific safety hazards and was not very efficient in loading.

HVR solution HVR proposed a solution to a radial tire manufacturer using an electro-permanent magnetic gripper developed by HVR. The magnetic grippers are mounted on the end of the arm to pick and place. The magnetic grippers attract the two end faces of the I-wheel and pick up the I-wheel to the production line.
The robot can be used to transport I-wheels weighing around 50 KG. The magnetic grippers do not leave any scratches on the surfaces of the I-wheel. The use of robotic electro-permanent magnetic grippers saves labor costs, improves operational efficiency and production quality, eliminates the safety hazards associated with the help of hooks, contributes to the economic benefits, and enhances the overall strength of the enterprise.

It’s important to consider what you will be using the device for to ensure you get the right system for your needs. If you are looking for an electro-permanent magnetic gripper, pls feel free to contact us.

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