Automated pipe and tube handling system/steel pipe palletizing

Steel pipes are closely related to people’s lives, from small liquefied petroleum gas tanks to boiler products. They are so relevant to us, but it’s difficult to load and unload safely and efficiently in processing, which makes many factories miserable. Don’t worry; our magnetic grippers will help you.

The case will show you the automated pipe and tube handling.

The manufacturer, who mainly produces cast iron, previously used a traditional clamping system for handling. They think that method was so slow, inefficient, and unsafe. They also wanted to find a more efficient way. HVR presents the following solution:

For safety, the electro-permanent magnetic gripper doesn’t lose its magnetism in a power failure. They can significantly replace manual work and keep a high working tempo for efficiency. For the worries of surface damage, we will use rubber plates to pass around the shell, making the iron tubes being placed and the magnetic pole gap 1.5-2mm. Rubber plates are wear-resistant and elastic to ensure that neither scratch the steel pipes and not lose too much magnetic force. They can prevent the steel tubes from sliding. The customer caught up with that efficient solution and gave us positive feedback.

Considering that each steel pipe handling system is unique and customized, it is crucial to collaborate with professionals from concept to completion. Contact us now!

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