Electro Permanent Magnet Gripper Handling Long Angle Steel in Automation

Electro permanent magnet gripper is often installed at the end of gantry robotic arm, for automated handling of steel workpieces or parts. Below is an application of EPM gripper handling long angle steel in automation.

Due to the unique shape of steel angle, the electro-permanent magnet gripper is specially designed with a concave magnet surface, for a perfect grip of the product.
The automatic magnetic pick and place of angel steel had greatly improved material handling efficiency and overall productivity. And that's the light-spot of the combination of electro-permanent magnets and automation.

EPM Gripper Features:

HVR MAG, can supply both electro permanent magnet gripper, and the spreader bar where magnetic grippers are equipped, or just the EPMs. Contact us to get more detailed information.

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