One of Canada’s leading tire manufacturer, who produces solid tires, off-road tires, tracks, driven and trailed conversion track systems to lead machinery manufacturing enterprise, such as Caterpillar, Bombardier, Kubota, etc., has big tire plant in Sri Lanka; with the huge requirement about solid tires, off- road tires, in the recent years. They want to increase the production rate with safety and energy saving way. Because the infrastructure of Sir Lanka is not so good at this moment, power failure problem always exists in their workshop.

In the past, their workshop use traditional lifting electromagnet to transport steel load, when meeting with power failure, magnet force do not exist, which always causes production rate in low level and it is very dangerous for operation.

When they find HVR MAG electro permanent lifting magnet from Google, they express their need: high efficiency and safety enough of lifting magnet.

After 2 years cooperation with HVR MAG, Camso’s engineer speaks highly of HVR MAG electro permanent lifting magnet. They told us: electro permanent lifting magnet combined the efficiency of lifting electromagnet and safety of permanent lifting magnet. It shows good performance and durability.

Customer is willing to continue to use HVR electro permanent lifting magnet at its factories all over their country.

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