Germany-Bosch GmbH

Once a German multinational engineering and electronics company who is the world's largest supplier of automotive components which core products are automotive components, industrial products and building products.

As the giant enterprise in the machinery manufacturing enterprise, they are looking for efficient and high production lifting magnet system.

They used to try European brand lifting magnet, but the after service is not good enough, so they are looking for more convenient Chinese supplier.

When HVR MAG delivered electro permanent magnetic lifter to their workshop, the whole magnet system is perfectly running and no negative comments happened since it was put into actual use.

Engineer from German company fed back that Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnets for Vertical Steel Plate Lifting is the best alternative to mechanical tongs. It eliminates the damage that caused by the mechanical lifting mechanisms in many occasion.

More similar steel plate lifting application now is discussed between this company and HVR MAG.

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