10T Steel Plate Lifting Magnet for Steel Processing

For stamping die processing, efficiency and safety are paramount. Handling heavy steel plates with precision and ease is not just a requirement but a necessity. Traditional methods often involve cumbersome machinery and complex operations. How to handle steel plate quickly and safely? Electro permanent lifting magnet may be the solution.

This lifting magnet boasts a safe working load of 10 tons, making it a formidable asset in any industrial setting. What sets it apart is its versatility and ease of use. Comprising 10 magnetic modules, each with adjustable magnetic force, this lifting magnet can effortlessly handle steel plates of varying types and sizes.
The ability to adjust the magnetic force of each module ensures precision and adaptability, allowing for seamless lifting of diverse steel plates without compromising safety or efficiency. Whether it's handling longer or shorter plates, this lifting magnet delivers consistent performance every time.

Why Choose Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet?

One of the standout features of this lifting magnet is its rapid magnetization and demagnetization capabilities. Unlike traditional lifting equipment that requires time-consuming setup and operation, the electro permanent technology enables quick and efficient magnetization and demagnetization with the push of a button. This not only streamlines the handling process but also minimizes downtime, maximizing productivity on the shop floor.

Furthermore, the remote control functionality adds another layer of convenience and safety. With the ability to be remotely controlled by a single operator, the lifting magnet eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with traditional lifting methods.


Electro permanent lifting magnets combination of strength, versatility, and user-friendly features makes it an indispensable tool for modern industrial applications. By revolutionizing the way steel plates are handled, this lifting magnet sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, and reliability in the manufacturing industry. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at export@hvrmagnet.com

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