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Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet

Nov 20,2018

There are many places need to be aware of when lifting of steel plate, if you have special put requirements, flat steel plate need to stand up lifting, handling work area to another, usually can save a lot of storage space, and improve the applicability of the handling process, will not damage the steel plate, no worry the risks of fall plate in the process of handling.

The Vertical lifting electro permanent magnet lifter developed and produced by HVR MAG can realize the free turning of steel plates of 0-90 degrees. When the user deposits the steel plate, all the steel plates can be put up for storage. When a specific steel plate is needed, only the targeted lifting of the steel plate is required, which not only saves the storage site, but also improves the working efficiency.

This product is very suitable limited store spaces which saves storage space, and improve work efficiency. It also allows you to change the location of the sheet from horizontal to vertical, in total flexibility.

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