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Recent Shipments of Tailored Magnetic Robot End Effectors

Sep 26,2021

Below are HVR MAG's recent shipments of tailor made magnetic robot end effectors used in industrial automation for pick and place of ferrous parts or workpieces. Take a close look and see if there's a piece that you may be interested in.

Magnetic robot end effectors, cross shaped, rated magnetic gripping force: 1300kg; working voltage: DC 160V.

Special shape magnetic robot end effector, rated magnetic gripping force 120kg; working voltage: DC 160V.

The shape, structure, or the design of magnetic robot end effectors, including the gripping force, are all specifically engineered according to the specifications of the parts to be picked and placed.

Every shipment entails a lot of hard work and teamwork. It's not just a batch of magnetic robot end effectors, but also the result of the joint efforts of different teams, including marketing, technologies, production, quality assurance, and logistics of HVR Magnetics Co.,Ltd.
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