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The transportation of trackpads -excavator and bulldozer track shoe

May 26,2022

Track shoe is wearing part of the construction machinery and is commonly used on excavators, bulldozers, cranes, pavers, and other construction machinery. Choosing the right track shoes and trackpads lifting device for your machine is crucial for efficient operation.

What is a track shoe?

One of the chassis parts of construction machinery, the track shoe, is a wearing part of the construction machinery used. They are now commonly used on excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, pavers, etc. The different raw materials can be divided into 2 parts: steel and rubber. Steel track shoes are primarily used for larger equipment, most commonly for excavators and bulldozers.

The track shoe can weigh as little as a few dozen kilograms and a few hundred kilograms, and the production line is under high-temperature conditions. What kind of tools is suitable for track shoe handling?

What kind of tools is suitable for track shoe handling?

Workers have high labor intensity and poor working conditions in high-temperature environments (heat treatment, casting, and forging). Traditional tools are not strong enough to handle this problem. HVR suggests our customer use electro-permanent magnetic grippers to load and unload the track shoes for excavators and bulldozers.

- suitable for high temperature

- fast tempo- 5 seconds for a cycle

- high efficiency and low labor costs

The feedback from our customers

Our customers use robotic electro-permanent magnetic grippers to achieve fully automatic loading and unloading. Workers only need to turn it on; robots can automatically carry out loading and unloading work. On the one hand, magnetic grippers reduce the difficulty of work and the environmental pollution. On the other hand, it reduces the damage to the track shoes and improves product quality and efficiency. Overall, The application of magnetic grippers enhances the competitiveness of enterprises.

Magnets make everything easier. There are innumerable instances where lifting magnets increase productivity while saving time, money, and workers from injury. Do you still hesitate to use it? Contact us now to magnetize your workflow.

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