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Wheel hub assembly with magnetic grippers

May 24,2022

With the improvement of people's standard of living, transport has become a necessary tool for people to travel, and those who are well off will choose to drive themselves. Vehicles are increasing and are becoming more popular. People's demand for cars is also growing, making it necessary for vehicle manufacturers to respond to the market demand with efficient work efficiency.

As the wheels are generally made of aluminum alloy or steel, the weight of the wheels is relatively heavy. For manufacturers or car repair shops, the handling or picking up of the wheels is done manually or by forklift. Traditional tools take up a lot of labor, have high production costs, and have low efficiency in picking up and handling the wheels; simultaneously, the process can easily cause dangerous safety accidents, such as cutting the operator's arm or smashing it. This takes up a lot of labor, is costly, and is inefficient.

We have contacted many customers in the automotive manufacturing industry that there is a general difficulty in the operation process of wheel bearing lifting.

In solving such problems, HVR designs a whole set of solutions according to customer needs through magnetic adsorption of wheel bearings and magnetic adsorption tools through the paint to ensure no damage to the workpiece. The following are relevant wheel handling cases.

Customer's original working conditions:

Initially, manual handling, heavy workpieces, and inconvenient handling

Later, they turned to hydraulic clamps, which on the one hand, had oil leaks and were difficult to clean on-site, and on the other hand, the front end of the hydraulic gripper would scratch the hub, which did not meet their delivery standards

HVR solution

Through  electro- permanent magnetic gripper handling, can adapt to different diameters of the wheel hub, can adsorb both the front end surface, can also adsorb the opposite narrow surface, reduce the number of robot supporting, reduce the use of cost, with the relevant material storage and conveying line, can realize the intelligent unmanned workshop, and improve the smoothness of the appropriate operation.

After using magnetic grippers, the customer said that the set of equipment has improved efficiency and reduced labor intensity. At the same time, it can perfectly cooperate with other intelligent equipment to build a benchmark wheel processing line.

Whether you are looking for an electro-permanent magnet system, several things to consider. It's important to consider what you will be using the device for to ensure you get the right design for your needs. According to your requirements, HVR will provide you with a suitable solution. Contact us now!

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