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Magnet for Energy Equipment Manufacturing

Aug 26,2022
Today we will talk about the application of lifting magnets and magnetic gripper (robot EOAT) in component manufacturing of wind power equipment. Shortly, magnet for energy equipment manufacturing.
Our customer produces blade bushings and main engine nacelle bolts for wind power equipment. The company has grown from a small enterprise to one of the most important suppliers in the global wind power high-strength fastening industry over 10 more years.
Previously they used electromagnet and permanent magnets for lifting, transferring, and placing. But both of which could not control the size of the magnetic force. And the electromagnet consumed too much energy and had high safety hazards; while the manually controlled permanent magnet was low-efficient. To the customer, both lifting equipments were no longer unsuitable for the handling of round steel and steel tubes in the new era.
Before coming to HVR MAG, they had already had some knowledge of EPM (electro permanent magnet) technology through the Internet. Plus, through the site visit to our company, the negotiation about the magnetic lifter went very smoothly and quickly. How was the project going finally?

The effect of electro permanent magnet for energy equipment manufacturing:

1. High safety and more energy-saving, with no electricity consumption during the working process (only needs the power to magnetize and demagnetize). 95% of the electricity is saved compared with electro magnet. The workpiece will not fall off in case of accidental power-off.

2. High convenience, with a remote controller to adjust the lifting magnet. And the magnetic force can also be adjusted.
3. Manpower-saving, with fewer workers needed to do the repeated handling job.
The higher the efficiency, the greater the competitiveness. As it can be seen from the way of handling round steel and tubes, the company, our customer has already taken one step ahead. One of their goals before 2025 is to become one of the 500+ intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants, leading the industry's development. Surely they have faith in it.
There is a great demand for the development of new energy sources not only in China but also worldwide. In this wave of intelligent manufacturing, HVR MAG hopes to help the new energy industry flourish with our professional and focused electro permanent magnetic technology.
Interested in more information about magnet for energy equipment manufacturing or structural steel fabrication? Please visit our magnetic products page. Need a quotation? E-mail us at: export@hvrmagnet.com
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