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Does a lifting magnet need testing?

Apr 22,2022
Before initial use, all new, altered or refurbished lifting devices should have a rated load test and a functional test by a trained examiner. Make sure that your lifting magnets are in good condition. Manufacturers are supposed to perform this test and provide written certification or video of the test. 
Visual examination
At the beginning of each use, the manufacturer must visually examine the following magnetic lifters:
1. The lifter shall have zero attractive force in the OFF position and does not have any metal attached.
2. The bottom surface should be smooth
3. The top hoist ring should be in good condition
4. Check the handle and safety latch for smooth operation
5. Make sure that the attached safety label is recognizable. And also, you should check if there's any deformation, corrosion, or wear on all parts.
We must strictly follow the inspection procedures before its initial hoist. Ensure they are all working effectively, especially with built-in emergency warning signals.
Breakaway test
With magnets, internal damage to the magnetic material is not evident by simply looking at the product. The breakaway test determines the current lifting capacity of the magnet. The test determines what force the magnet released for a specified test plate. A load's mass, composition, flatness, and smoothness affect the breakaway force. It allows the operator to know if the magnet meets the rated capacity as designed by the manufacturer. 
Before lifting, operators need to have a thorough understanding of the loads.
HVR perform load tests as a final process before signing off the lifting magnet for operation. The load test ensures their safe operations, ensures that the structure can hold the loads it was designed for, and provides peace of mind that your equipment is safe.
High-quality lifting magnets

These tests are significant to the safe operation of equipment, and HVR will not release the lifting magnets for use until they have been performed on the equipment we have installed.
Are you looking for new lifting magnets? Our engineers are determined to design and install our plans based on the specific needs of your company's unique application. This process ensures that your purchase product is designed specifically for your needs. You will understand all the characteristics of our lifting equipment before you ever use it and that our lifting magnets are appropriately integrated into your work environment. Please call us at export@hvrmagnet.com

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