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Which Type of Lifting Magnet System is Right for Steel Load Lifting?

May 06,2017

Which Type of Lifting Magnet System is Right for Steel Load Lifting?

We provided a general overview for choosing the right lifting magnet appliance for a specific job.

In this post, we’ll further help you determine which lifting magnet system would be the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Material surface condition, alloy content, material thickness and contact area are major factors in determining the proper lifting magnet.

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet for Steel Plate Handling

This new technology lifting magnet system can be manned with a single operator, as well as handle a single plate off of a stack, which can significantly increase your material handling efficiency.

Electro permanent lifting magnet is therefore best used for both small and large, thin or heavy, single plate lifting from a stack.

Lifting Electromagnet for Steel Plate Handling

The magnetic force of  lifting electromagnet generate by inside coil, always standard equipped with battery back-up system for power failure consideration.

The extra after service and battery repair cost always occurred while long time operation.

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