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Landing Detection Device of Magnetic Lifting Equipment - How Much Do You Know?

Aug 18,2021

How much do you know about the landing detection device of magnetic lifting equipment? Or you've never heard of it? Continue reading to discover more about magnet lifting for steel.

For steel handling process, lifting safety takes up the top priority above all other considerations. Then comes the handling efficiency of steel. To that end, lifting magnet manufacturer HVR MAG, equips each set of magnetic lifting equipment with a landing detection device (or two).

An inductive proximity switch and associated cam, mounted on the harp shackle of the hoisting chain, prevents accidental demagnetizing in the air.

Then what does the function of landing detection mean to the overall safety of steel lifting process?

It means that under no circumstances will the suspended load drop or fall off even an improper operation of DEMAG occur-ed during lifting before the touchdown. Or we can put it in another way, that the load can only be released from the attraction of magnetic lifting equipment when it touches the ground safely and successfully.

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