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How to Adjust the Lifting Force of Magnetic Lifting Beam?

Aug 19,2021
Do you know that the lifting force of magnetic lifting beam is adjustable for lifting steel materials of different sizes & weight? HVR MAG will show you how.

Each set of magnetic lifting beam manufactured by HVR MAG, is designed with a POWER switch on the control cabinet. There are 4 positions for this switch, POSITIONⅠ, POSITIONⅡ, POSITION Ⅲ, POSITION Ⅳ(as shown in following picture).

Depending on the thickness of the steel plate, the magnetic force of the lifting beam can be adjusted, so that only 1 plate/sheet is guaranteed to be lifted. This is typically useful for lifting a single thin sheet metal without picking up the next one, and also, for lifting steel billets or slabs with varying thicknesses and sizes.

If during the lifting process, situations like picking up 2 or more sheets each time or unable to lift the plate up happened, change the POSITION of POWER gradually to find a proper one.

1.The adjustment of the magnetic force is only valid with PICK UP; it will not work in FULLMAG sate as the depth of magnetic force has reached the maximum value.
2.The POSITION of POWER can only be changed in DEMAG state; it won't work after a successful magnetization.
3.The weight & length of the load should not exceed the rated lifting capacity & total length of the magnetic lifting beam.
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