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How do Industrial Robots with Magnetic Grippers Work Efficiently in Such Hot Weather?

Jul 26,2022

Industrial Robots Need High-temperature Resistant Magnetic Grippers

The heat wave is searing, with temperatures rising in waves. The temperature of 38℃ has already made it unbearable. While in some industries, such as the steel industry, in the steel tube manufacturing workshop, the temperature of some workstations generally exceeds 50℃, or even reaches 600℃ high. Obviously, in such a high-temperature environment, manual work is no longer suitable. Then, what kind of automated production line can do the high temperature and work safely and normally? Today, HVR MAG will take you to know how industrial robots with magnetic grippers work efficiently in high-temperature environments.

Automation production line to perfectly adapt to the high temperature of this harsh working environment, all the automation equipment must choose high-temperature resistant materials, or avoid the impact of high temperature by physical methods, such as wearing a layer of "high-temperature resistant clothing". For the robot EOAT (end-of-arm-tooling), the selection of robot arm grippers is particularly important. For the magnetic workpieces, we recommend you HVR electro permanent magnetic grippers for robot end effector. The robot electro permanent magnetic grippers can be applied to handle high-temperature steel tubes, bars, and other profiles. Compared with robotic arm vacuum suction cups and caliper jaws, magnetic electro permanent magnetic grippers can adsorb workpieces with high temperature firmly, without scratches on the surface of the workpieces.

How do magnetic grippers for robot arm end effectors realize efficient loading without fearing the high temperature?

There are two main reasons. 1st, HVR MAG robotic electro permanent magnetic grippers use high-temperature resistant magnets to avoid the impact of high temperature on the permanent magnetic field; 2nd, HVR MAG robotic electro permanent magnetic grippers use a water cooling system to cool down the processing, which can avoid the impact of high temperature on the electromagnetic field.
With adaptability to high temperatures and other harsh environment, coupled with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in recent years, the installation of electro permanent magnetic grippers for robotic arm end effectors is also widespread. Take the two big heavy industry companies that are also located in Hunan Province, Sany and Zoomlion for example, they have used HVR MAG electro permanent magnetic grippers for automated industrial robots to handle steel plates, tubes, bars, and other ferrous metal workpieces.
In the future, it is believed that HVR MAG robotic arm end tool magnetic grippers will enter thousands of intelligent manufacturing factories, helping steel pipes, bars, excavators manufacturing, and other industries to achieve greater development.
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