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HVR MAG: Leader of in China’s Electro Permanent Magnet Technology

Sep 19,2017

Outside the iron core there is conductive winding whose power is matched with the iron core; the coil with current is magnetic likes a magnet. It is called electromagnet and it is widely used in industrial production. Permanent magnet can be either natural product or artificially manufacture, once it is magnetized, it will keep constant magnetism all the time.

What if combine the electromagnet with permanent magnet? It is not unpractical empty talk but reality. HVR Magnetic Co., Ltd, located in High-tech Automobile Accessories Park, is always committed to researching on the electro permanent magnet. Nowadays, HVR MAG has owned 5 invention patent and 29 utility model patents in this field. Besides, it is awarded as high tech enterprise by Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department and is supported by the national science and technology SME fund for technological innovation and accessed to provincial and municipal technology support program, becoming a leader of in China’s electro permanent magnet technology.

1. Road of hard research and development

No Reference Product  Only Assiduous Research

In the year of 2009, the president of HVR MAG Mr. Davisn Ren was working in the magnetic material field in Zhejiang. Once a foreign friend introduced electro permanent magnet products to Mr. Davisn Ren, and since then, he was deeply touched by the rapid development of China’s economy and the unique advantages of this special product. He asked his classmates Huang Daqi and Huang Bin to join him and then they started their business. “I am experienced in magnetic material and they have worked in the machinery field for years, where the market is empty is our opportunity”, said Mr. Davisn Ren.

In 2010, they established HVR MAG and they had a clear position of their company, which is electro permanent magnetic product. Mr. Davisn Ren introduced that in the 1970s, there had already applications of electro permanent magnetic products, but nobody had tried this product yet in China.

Our president Mr. Davisn Ren said their aim was to break foreign technology monopoly and to research and develop domestic electro permanent magnetic products, having a place in the world electro permanent magnet industries. However, everything does not always go smoothly although they were experienced in magnet application. “There is nobody produces this kind of product before and it is too expensive to buy products from foreign suppliers”, said Mr. Davisn Ren. They cannot help but to research by themselves. During that time, each of them missed their meals and sleeps and committed to their research. Sometimes, they even hold back the drowsiness from sleeping when they had new idea suddenly and then got into endless experiments and endless tests. They were also facing economic hardships at that time, so they could only borrow money from their relatives to pay their staffs.

The beginning of the business is difficult, but fortunately, they had managed to produce the electro permanent magnet at last. Mr. Davisn Ren introduced that electro permanent magnet is used to control and transform the magnetic circuit inside the system by using the different characteristics of different permanent magnet materials, and make the permanent magnetic field balance in the system itself, then the external characterization is demagnetized; or when the inside magnetic circuit is released to the working magnet pole, the external state is magnetizing and clamping. Thus, electro permanent magnet is also called electronically controlled permanent magnet. READ MORE

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