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Having Doubts About Electro Permanent Magnets? Pay A Visit to Our Factory

Nov 19,2021

For manufacturers in metal and machine industry, if you have a project that requires the use of magnets, and that you cannot decide whether to use electromagnets or the electro permanent magnets, pay a visit to HVR MAGs factory. Come and see for yourself, and youll know how to choose.

These two staff wearing red safety helmets, were potential clients from a metal manufacturing company, whose new project requires the use of magnetic chucks. The thing is that the mag chucks they are using are electromagnetic chucks, which has the problem of heat generation. And heating is no good to the manufacturing process.

Now they want to replace with electro permanent magnetic chucks. As our electro permanent magnets consume no power during clamping/holding, which is to say they do not heat while working.

Electro permanent magnets not only can be customized to be used as workholding mag chucks in machining center, but also as magnetic grippers used in robotics, to handle ferrous products automatically.

If, you're unsure whether our electro permanent magnets are the perfect choice for your job, or competent to meet your requirements, contact us at info@hvrmagnet.com for queries and support. Or, pay a visit to our factory (like our domestic clients did), if things permit, to address your doubts. Your question is the motivation of our innovation.

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