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Do You Know Handling can be Easier and Safer?

Oct 19,2017

HVR Magnetics Co,. Ltd has developed an automation magnet system for shipbuilding manufacturer welding production line, helping factory decrease hours of physical labor, and reduce handling time, all while performing in a safe environment.

1. Long service life: magnetic clamping force deduction is less than 5% after 10 years using.

2. Maintenance free: no moving parts inside and there is no heat generation so that the coil is not easy to become hot.

3. 100% safety: no electricity consumption during working period, magnetic force is still existing and strong even when sudden power off or cable broken.

4. 95% energy saving: only use electricity during MAG / DEMAG phase for few seconds.

5. Magnetic depth can be adjusted, which is more flexible, and no limitation of specification size.

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