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Apr 12,2018

HVR MAG have been researching and developing permanent electromagnets for over 18 years to enable them to specialise in the only technology that combines safety, strength, convenience and power savings.

· The permanent electro lifting magnet systems can handle loads with extreme ease in compact areas.

· They are efficient because they always operate from the top without damaging or the load they are lifting.

· The floor space in the working area is optimized because no empty areas are required to be left around or between the loads to get access for their pick up.

· No other solution can grant the same level of performances and practical use for ferrous loads.

Permanent Electromagnets are the ideal solution for:

· steel structural works,

· distribution and storage,

· service centres,

· metalworking

· shipbuilding

· surface treatment

· and for all modern industries interested in increasing the efficiency of production process

Permanent safety

A permanent electromagnet system is intrinsically safe by not being affected by any electrical power failure. There is no battery backup system required. The high energy coming from the permanent magnets keeps the load held safely with a constant force for an indefinite period of time. The load can only be released once the material is seated safely and securely on the ground. This ensures a maximum level of safety for the machinery and most importantly the operator is always granted!

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