Plano Milling Machine Workholding Magnets for Different Workpieces

Magnetic workholding doesn't necessarily refer to a regularly shaped magnetic chuck or magnetic table. It could also be the application of a groups of workholding magnets for specific machining process.

For large planer type miller machines, the procurement of a whole piece of electro permanent magnetic chuck table could be extraordinarily expensive.
While other workholding fixtures like chuck jaws, require screw tightening which takes quite some time and enables a certain quantity of labor work.

The combination of double-sided electro-permanent workholding magnets replaces the original fixture. Each magnet chuck has 2 magnetic faces on the top and bottom sides. The maximum magnetic gripping force of one side is 640kg, strong enough to hold the workpiece in position for fine machining.

Besides, these workholding magnets can be freely combined and placed for the machining of different workpieces. Magnetic clamping force switched on & off via the control unit equipped, the workpiece can be clamped/released within 2 seconds. Due to the electro-permanent magnetic property, they consume no power when holding the workpiece and can remain that holding state even in a sudden power failure.

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