Electro Permanent Magnetic EOAT with Quick Change System

Electro Permanent Magnetic EOAT, combined with an EOAT quick change system, offers several advantages in robotic applications.

EPM EOATs provide a reliable and secure gripping force using magnetic technology. The magnets only consume power during the attachment or detachment process, ensuring that the grip remains stable even in the event of a power loss. This inherent safety feature reduces the risk of accidental tool release and provides a more secure working environment.
The ability to quickly switch between tools or grippers using the EOAT quick change system, coupled with the versatility of EPM technology, eliminates the need for multiple dedicated robots or extensive tooling setups. This reduces equipment costs and simplifies the automation setup, making it more cost-effective and flexible for various production requirements.

The EOAT quick change system allows for quick and easy tool or gripper swaps, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. When combined with EPM technology, the magnetic tool can be securely attached or detached from the robot arm in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing downtime during tool changes.

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