Customized Magnet Lifter for Steel

These electrically switched permanent magnet lifters, are another type of hoist magnets, frequently used in industrial lifting and handling.

For long loads like steel plates and beam blanks/profiles, we suggest magnetic lifting beams with groups of magnet lifters for safe and efficient handling.

For use in places where power supply is unavailable, we recommend battery operated magnet lifter.


This below-the-hook permanent electromagnetic lifter allows steel handlers to quickly and simply maneuver flat or round steel parts. They eliminate the need for clamping devices, like slings or chains. It's considered to be one of the safest ways of handling steel material, due to the following advantages:

• Require only one person to perform the lifting job

• Drop-safe design (can remain holding of the sheet even in a sudden power loss)

• Energy-efficiency (no power consumption during lift – it only requires electricity for activation and deactivation of the magnet module)

• Barely maintenance-free – no moving parts inside

Optional features:

• Adjustable magnetic force to lift sheets/plates with varying thickness

• Battery supply

• Radio remote control

• Other depending on the specific working conditions

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