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Process View of HVR MAG's 6 Ton Vertical Plate Lift Magnets - to Be Shipped to US

Jul 30,2021
HVR MAG will lead you on the process view of 6 ton vertical plate lift magnets, which are going to be shipped to US soon.

Upon receipt of order, our engineers will start working on the technical drawing of vertical plate lift magnets, as requested in order.

Once the manufacturing & assembling process is finished, our trained technician will conduct a trial lift of vertical plate lift magnets before packing, to assure a successful performance in client's hand.

After the trial lift (a successful lifting magnet test), this magnetic lifting equipment will be all-round packed, getting ready for later shipment to the destination.

Find out more about our vertical plate lift magnets, please feel free to contact us for any queries or questions.
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