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Magnetic Mold Clamping System

Oct 15,2018
Magnetic clamping plates for different sectors of industry, including thermoplastics, elastomers, duroplastics, 

polyurethane, pressure die casting, metal forming and milling applications.

The magnetic clamping systems or clamping plates have been especially designed for injection molding machines, 
rubber presses, die casting machines, mold carriers, presses for metal forming and milling machines.
HVR magnetic clamping technology of the highest level and offers the following key advantages for the user:

• standardization of molds are not required
• height of clamping edge and mold shape are not of importance
• shorter downtimes, lower setup costs
• increased productivity
• clamping in barely accessible positions without any problems
• no reduced clamping surfaces
• process monitoring and thus absolute safety
• clamping force on the complete surface of the mold
• clamping with no deformation of the mold base platen
• reduced maintenance costs

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