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What Is Electro Permanent Magnetic Technology ?

Feb 21,2019

Electro permanent magnet technology is via electricity to control the magnetic field lines of the permanent magnetic material,which express with magnetic force(magnetized state) or non-magnetic force(demagnetized state). 

It is aninnovative application technology that can attract or release material independently.

Magnetized state: Electromagnetic coil with instantaneous excitation current, which control the magnetic field state switching  of reversible magnetic material, so that the magnetic field covering the surface of the magnetic poles and bring strong adsorption  force. As the magnetic field form a closed loop,no magnetic loss, work with no heat, no noise, no energy consumption features.

Demagnetized state:in the magnetized state, the electromagnetic coil once again instantaneous excitation current, the built-in circuit to change the reversible magnetic field, so that the magnetic field converged inside the permanent magnet, and the  magnetic pole surface no longer have magnetic field, the material is released.

To gain a better understanding of the Magnetized State and Demagnetized State, please refer to the lowwing picture:

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