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Oct 19,2020

As North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, the FABTECH 2019 lasting from Nov.11 to Nov.14, kicked off on November 11 in Chicago, USA.

HVR MAG, a professional manufacturer of electro permanent magnetic system for lifting and clamping, attended the exhibition and presented a selection of smart lifting solutions of electro permanent magnetic beams for industrial material handling at Booth A6179. Our general manager Davison Ren and other sales colleagues attended the fair together.

Attendees from all over the world, crowed into the exhibition palace, trying to meet with world-class suppliers, to see the latest industry products and developments, and to find the perfect solutions to improve their productivity, and increase profits. Every visitor stepping into our booth was regarded as our valuable potential client by our general manager and colleagues. And their questions or doubts were answered and explained patiently in detail.

The most frequently asked question at the booth concerning our products is, "what are your(HVR) strengths over other similar magnetic beams in the same industry?"

The answer lies in the unique electro permanent magnets inside the magnetic beam. All the magnets we used are electro permanent magnets, which boost a competitive edge among other kinds of magnets. They are the magnetic power parts of our magnetic lifting beams for ferrous loads, like steel plates(either thick or thin, single or multiple), coils, billets, slabs, profiles and other structural steels. Loading capacity can be managed upon client’s requirements. Only short current pulses magnetize or demagnetize the system - that means that no energy is needed during transporting stage and that energy consumption for switching is very low in comparison to Electromagnet Systems. Therefore no backup system is needed. Once the magnetic power is activated, it holds like a permanent magnet and it is independent of current flow.

Furthermore, some clients were also interested in the spreader beam, whether it can be telescopic or not. In HVR MAG, the spreader beam can be either fixed or telescopic, up to client's choice.

Other queries are that if we can supply battery-powered magnetic beams for outdoor material handling. Yes, we also provide battery magnetic beams as it requires no electricity for magnetization.

The exhibition, lasted for 4 days, ended on 14th November, turning out to be quite rewarding to us for it allowed many people from various lines of work to get acquainted with our products and company.

Learn more about HVR MAG electro permanent magnetic beams, please go to our website.

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