Solenoid Electromagnet

Solenoid Electromagnet

Solenoid electromagnets are electro holding magnets with steel bodies and internal coils used to securely hold ferromagnetic parts once the coil is energised, commonly referred to as 'energise to hold' magnets.

HVR MAG supplies 2 types of DC 12V or 24V electric holding solenoid electromagnets, Switched-ON to hold, Switched-OFF to hold.

We have round or rectangular solenoid electromagnets for sale, DC 12V or 24V, available in a range of sizes (Ø8-Ø100mm) with holding forces between 2-2400N. Price negotiable, depending on the quantity of your order.

Model chart for solenoid electromagnets(round, rectangular)

Advantages of Electro Holding Magnets:

High Clamping Force
Electromagnets provide considerable clamping force to ensure secure holding whilst in operation. The strong nickel plating aids with maintaining performance in demanding applications without being damaged.

Easy ON-OFF Operation
Electromagnets are versatile in that they can be easily turned on and off due to the requirement of a current needing to be applied for the electromagnet to operate. This versatility increases energy efficiency as handling times are significantly reduced.

Remote Operation
As electromagnets perform through a current, they can be operated remotely ensuring maximum safety and reducing operational risk.

Versatile Mounting
With multiple mounting sizes available, electromagnets can easily be used with many assembly arrangements for a wide range of applications.

The holding forces of these round solenoid holding electromagnets are largely dependent upon the degree of magnetisability and the surface quality of the parts to be secured. They are ideal for remote hold/release mechanisms, and are typically applied in:

Door locking / holding mechanisms for access control and fire security applications (electromagnetic Locks)
Fire door holders
Assembly line
Oncology machines and adjustable beds for medical applications
Wind turbines in the renewable energy sector
Feeder mechanisms for packaging and textile machinery

Other applications include:

Automated handling systems e.g. pick and place machines
Vending machines, transport equipment, office facility household appliance, mechanical, etc.

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