Electro Permanent Magnet (EPM) is the newest technology, featuring 95% energy saving and totally safety compared with traditional electromagnet method. Only needs power during MAG and DEMAG periods. During working, no power supply is required.

Driven by magnetism, HVR MAG’s magnetic solutions encompass a wide range of industrial sectors, including magnetic lifting system, magnetic clamping system, magnetic workholding and magnetic gripping. Our engineering expertise is centered on helping customers thrive in the manufacturing industry by offering cost-effective magnetic solutions and services to support their application needs.

What is electro permanent magnet?

An electro permanent magnet is an upgraded hybrid of electro magnet and permanent magnet, in which the external magnetic field can be switched on or off by a pulse of electric current in a wire winding around part of the magnet, but requires no electricity to maintain the field. It’s composed of magnet materials, steel parts, coils and electronic control device.

How does an electro permanent magnet work?

An electro permanent magnet contains two magnetic materials, one magnetically hard (e.g. Nd-Fe-B) and one semi-hard (e.g. Alnico), capped at both ends with a magnetically soft material (e.g. Iron) and wrapped with a coil. A current pulse of one polarity magnetizes the materials together, increasing the external flow of magnetic flux. A current pulse of the opposite polarity reverses the magnetization of the semi-hard material, while leaving the hard material unchanged. This diverts some or all of the flux to circulate inside the device, reducing the external magnetic flux.

Main Features:


Electro permanent magnets are very strong and versatile, and thus can be used as material handling/lifting magnets, workpiece holding magnetic chucks, magnetic clamping system for molds and dies, and magnetic grippers for automation. For years, we have been providing custom engineered magnets for a wide range of applications in industries including metal fabrication, shipbuilding, steel mill, automotive, medical industry, mechanical engineering, transport company, material store, etc.

 Steel construction
 Steel wholesalers.
 Mechanical engineering
 Shipyards and offshore
 Train and rolling stock
 Metal cutting workshops
 Molds and dies

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