What Is Metal Roof Panel and How To Lift It?

What Is Metal Roof Panel and How To Lift It?

What Is A Metal Roof Panel?

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity.

What Is Metal Roof Panel? How To Lift It? - HVR MAG

The biggest (and most obvious) part of a metal roof are the actual metal panels themselves. Panels are the pieces of metal coil/sheets that have been shaped into your desired profile(corrugated) and are ready to be seamed together to form a roof.

Corrugated roofing panels are made of metal, fiberglass or polycarbonate and typically install over a system of purlins. They’re popular for workshops, sheds, boathouses and other outbuildings due to their long-lasting durability and easy installation.

How to Lift Metal Roof Panel?

Oversized panels are not only longer, but they also weigh more. Mishandling oversized metal panels can negatively affect both their performance and aesthetics. Long-length panels have the tendency to buckle or fold if not sufficiently supported. This can put creases in the panel legs or the panel giving an unsightly appearance. Damage to the panel leg can also affect panel performance—weathertightness and wind uplift—by not allowing the panel’s male/female leg to fully engage.

To prevent damage, extra caution and care should be exercised due to the added bulk and weight of oversized panels.

Slings, clamps, vacuum lifters are the common lifting devices people would use to handle metal roof panels. Here, we’re introducing an innovative damage-free way to lift it – industrial lifting magnets.

Metal Panel Lifter - Industrial Lifting Magnets | HVR MAG
Metal Panel Lifter – Industrial Lifting Magnets | HVR MAG

It is a type of magnetic lifting device that can provide a quick, safe and easy way to lift ferrous materials and work pieces. HVR MAG had customized similar lifting beam before. Powerful electro permanent magnets, scattered in several rows, elastically suspended on a spreader beam, for the lift and place of corrugated metal panel.

Advantages of lifting metal roof panels with lifting magnets:

  • Multi-point gripping: uniformly distributed on the surface of panel, strengths the handling stability.
  • Superior safety: magnetic clamping force evenly distributed on the panel; even in a sudden power outage, the panel will not fall off to cause personnel injuries.
  • Improved handling efficiency: our heavy lifting magnets system, can pick up the load instantly and can hold/transfer this heavy part along with the gantry system safely to the designated welding table.

Other than metal roof panels, our industrial lifting magnets can also handle heavy steel plates, tubes, coils, pipes, ect. To see more applications, please visit our case section of our website.

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