Handling Angle Iron with Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

Handling Angle Iron with Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

In the construction of ubiquitous high-voltage power towers, thousands of angle irons are used to build the sturdy structures. Angle iron, with its stable triangular shape, is a preferred choice for constructing high-voltage power towers. As labor costs continue to rise and equipment costs decline, the most efficient solution for handling such steel materials is the utilization of specialized electro permanent lifting magnets.

Why Choose Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets?

Given that angle iron features a V-shaped surface and is often scattered and heavy during handling, the application of electro permanent lifting magnets becomes crucial in the manufacturing process. The magnetic pole surface needs to be customized to mimic the shape of the angle iron, ensuring effective adhesion under varying circumstances. Interestingly, a single magnetic pole can be designed to accommodate both upright and inverted placement of angle irons, enhancing versatility and efficiency.

Challenge in Lifting Magnets Design

One challenge in the development of automated systems lies in customization for non-standard scenarios. Each customer and working condition is unique, necessitating specialized solutions tailored to specific requirements. In the context of angle iron handling in power tower construction, diverse transportation scenes such as equipment, robots, trusses, and cranes contribute to the complexity of the process.lifting magnets for angle iron

The configuration of electro permanent lifting magnets, including the number of lifting points, lifting capacity, installation positions, and compatibility with equipment and hooks, is determined by various factors. The optimization of these elements ensures that the electro permanent lifting magnets are tailored to best fit the specific working conditions of the customer, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.


While the handling of angle iron in power tower construction represents a relatively straightforward scenario, HVR MAG recognizes the importance of customization for each customer. By offering professional customization services and comprehensive solutions, HVR MAG aims to maximize efficiency and productivity in the handling of angle iron using electro permanent lifting magnets. For more information, please contact us at export@hvrmagnet.com

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