Customize Magnetic Plate Lifter to Load & Unload Steel Plate for Your Cutting Table

Customize Magnetic Plate Lifter to Load & Unload Steel Plate for Your Cutting Table

Introduce a new type of steel plate handling magnet, electrically switched on and off magnetic plate lifter, designed and manufactured by HVR MAG, for quick and safe loading & unloading of small steel plates for cutting table.

magnetic plate lifter, loading & unloading small plate up to 1000kg for cutting table - HVR MAG

Like this newly delivered magnetic plate lifter, ideal plate handling equipment, can load & unload small plates up to 1000kg for cutting table in our client’s workshop. The lifting and releasing of plate is controlled by pressing buttons on itself.

Though this plate handling magnet is electrically switched, it consumes no power when lifting the plate. Unless demagnetized manually, the magnetic lifting force can remain forever.

Based on requirements, HVR MAG can also tailor design magnetic plate lifter in various shapes, colors, and with different lifting capacity.

500kg magnetic lifter for steel - electrically switched permanent magnet - HVR MAG
500kg magnetic lifter for steel

For small plates, single steel magnet lifter is much more convenient and flexible for the handling job on cutting tables, shear beds and other machines. But for large and heavier plates, magnetic lifting beam is the better choice.

magnetic lifting beam loading steel plate for plasma cutting table - HVR MAG

Whatever the situation is, customize a magnetic plate lifter, or a set of magnetic lifting beam to load and unload steel plate for your cutting table, is the only way that can get the most of your handling efficiency.

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