Coil Lifter – Steel Coil Lifting Equipment Introduction

Coil Lifter – Steel Coil Lifting Equipment Introduction

Steel coil is a finished steel product such as sheet or strip which has been wound or coiled after rolling. Due to its wound roll shape and characteristics, the lifting device are restricted to several types. Here, we’re going to talk about coil lifter and make a brief comparison of the types of steel coil lifting equipment.

Coil Lifter - Steel Coil Lifting Equipment | HVR MAG
steel coils storaged in warehouse

Coil lifter, is the device that’s used to lift, manipulate, re-position, or stack coils with vertical or horizontal eye position. It’s available in a variety of styles to meet the you planned to handle the loads.

Currently, the most often used coil lifting equipment includes the following types:

Magnetic Coil Lifter – Lifting Magnet

Sometimes, using a traditional wire rope sling, alloy chain sling, or synthetic sling just isn’t enough to safely and securely move a load from one location to another. Especially to coils weighing up to dozens of tons, or lifting coil from a pallet in warehouse, your options of coil lifter is very limited – only lifting magnet can do the job.

HVR MAG, supplies magnetic coil lifter for both vertical eye and horizontal eye.

Coil Lifter - Horizontal Eye Steel Coil Lifting Magnet | HVR MAG

Horizontal eye coil lifter – magnetic lifting device designed by HVR MAG as shown in the picture, is loading steel coils onto trucks, palletizing them side by side. Under such circumstances, neither coil grabs, coil tongs, nor coil hooks can do the job, as there’s not enough space or aisle for mechanical lifting device to move freely.

Coil Lifter - Vertical Eye Steel Coil Lifting Magnet | HVR MAG

Vertical eye coil lifter, HVR MAG tailored this type of magnetic lifting device for steel coil per client’s requirement. As we can see, all the coils are storaged on a wooden pallet in warehouse, and the interval gap or space between coils are very narrow and limited, which eliminates client’s choice of mechanical lifters.

The most outstanding advantages of HVR MAG’s magnetic coil lifter lie in the following aspects:

  • Superior lifting safety – the heavy coil will no drop or fall off even in a sudden power failure/outage, due to the electro permanent magnet property.
  • Energy saving – consumes no power during lift; electricity is only needed for MAG and DEMAG phase.

When choosing a handling device to move heavy coils there are some key aspects to consider:

  • The width and weight of the coils.
  • The characteristics of the storage space.
  • The type of handling: lifting/moving coil with horizontal eye or vertical eye.

With magnetic coil lifting device, all the above mentioned selection considerations are not a problem. As a professional lifting magnet manufacturer, HVR MAG provides coil lifting magnet specially engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and special application needs, for quick and safe handling of coils. Contact us to learn more about this type of coil lifter.

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