Automation Renovation for Your New Production Line: Choose Right Robot Grippers

Automation Renovation for Your New Production Line: Choose Right Robot Grippers

Automation offers significant advantages, such as improved efficiency, quality control, scalability, cost savings, safety, time savings, and data-driven decision-making. It helps businesses stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving market by enabling them to produce high-quality products efficiently and consistently. When considering automation renovation for a new product line, it’s important to choose right robot grippers.

Types of Robot Grippers

Vacuum: These grippers use suction to hold and manipulate objects, and they are particularly suitable for handling objects with smooth and flat surfaces. They perform a non-contacting grip, which minimizes the risk of scuffing or damaging delicate surfaces.

Pneumatic: Pneumatic grippers rely on compressed air or gas to generate the force needed to operate the gripper jaws. They tend to be inexpensive and relatively easy to maintain.

Hydraulic: Hydraulic grippers operate by converting the pressure generated by hydraulic fluid into force to open and close the gripper jaws. They are known for their high gripping force capabilities, making them suitable for handling heavy objects.

Magnetic: Magnetic robot grippers typically consist of electromagnets or permanent magnets and a control system. Electromagnetic grippers use an electric current to generate a magnetic field, while permanent magnetic grippers rely on magnets with a fixed magnetic force. The magnetic force can be controlled and adjusted to accommodate different object sizes and weights.

Electro Permanent Magnetic Robot Grippersmagnetic grippers on gantry robot

Electro permanent magnetic robot grippers can be especially helpful in handling ferromagnetic materials in automated manufacturing processes, as they offer several advantages over traditional magnetic grippers.

Adaptation to multiple irregular workpieces: Compared with traditional mechanical grippers, electro permanent magnetic grippers can easily handle irregular workpieces such as rods, plates, balls, etc. The size range of the transported materials is wide, and customers do not need to change different fixtures for different workpieces.

Fast magnetizing and demagnetizing: Electro permanent magnetic grippers can switch magnetization or demagnetization states quickly. It has a high working frequency, allowing for completing one magnetization or demagnetization action within 1 second. The direct action time of a single magnetization or demagnetization can be up to 0.1 second.

No wear during long-term operation: There are no movable parts inside electro permanent magnetic grippers, so there will be no wear during long-term operation, which improves reliability.

Automatic magnetic adjustment function: The controller has several levels of automatic magnetic adjustment function. When handling materials such as steel plates, the magnetic penetration depth can be automatically controlled, simplifying the operation without the need to adjust the magnetization voltage by manual work according to different materials.


To customize electro permanent magnetic robot grippers, these parameters need to be considered: shape, weight and material of the workpieces, action frequency of the actuator, voltage requirements, magnet installation method, control method, wiring method, and cable length.

It’s advisable to consult professional manufacturer or supplier for customization. HVR MAG specialize in industrial magnetic solution for more than 10 years. For more information, please contact us at

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