Magnetic Grippers in Aerial Work Platform Welding

Magnetic Grippers in Aerial Work Platform Welding

Construction machinery manufacturing requires precision and efficiency in order to create high-quality products. Electro permanent magnetic grippers are being used on robotic arms to grip steel materials with ease and precision, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of the welding process.

Magnetic Grippers in Aerial Work Platform Manufacturing

In the welding process for car frame construction, multiple electro permanent magnets were used as end of arm tooling on robotic arms to grip steel materials. These magnets were controlled by a series of electro permanent magnetic controllers, allowing for the welding of car frames ranging from 5 to 12 meters in length.

Advantages of Magnetic Grippers

The gripper can operate multiple electro permanent magnets simultaneously, ensuring proper fixation of workpieces and preventing deformation. The powerful suction force of the magnets from the back side eliminates the risk of surface damage or deformation to the workpiece. Since the magnets adhere to the back side of the workpiece, they do not interfere with the welding process, resulting in a smoother and continuous workflow.magnetic grippers for aerial work platform manufacture

Customer Feedback

  1. Improved stability in production: The gripper has effectively overcome issues such as deformation and surface damage caused by mechanical fixtures.
  2. Increased productivity: The use of electro permanent magnetic grippers has led to a productivity increase of over three times the previous output.
  3. Enhanced welding quality: The smoother welding process facilitated by the gripper has lowered the rate of defective products.
  4. Reduced labor costs: With the switch from manual operation to automated operation with the gripper, the need for 3-4 operators has been eliminated.


Not only did the company benefit from improved productivity and quality, but they also saw a reduction in labor costs as the need for manual operation decreased significantly. For speed, efficiency, and precision in the production process, contact HVR MAG for your customized magnetic gripping solution.

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