Introduction to Pneumatic Magnet – Air Actuated Permanent Magnet

Introduction to Pneumatic Magnet – Air Actuated Permanent Magnet

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What Is Pneumatic Magnet?

Pneumatic magnet, also called as air actuated magnet, is a type of pneumatically controlled permanent magnet, which is usually in compact size and with low residual magnetism.

How Do Pneumatic Magnets Work?

The activation and deactivation of the magnetic field of the magnet is achieved by means of a double-acting pneumatic cylinder. It’s air actuator turns the magnet on and off, allowing all the safety of a permanent magnet that will not drop the load during a power or air loss.

Moreover, they consume significantly less air than vacuum grippers, because compressed air is used only to switch the magnet on and off.

Features of Air Actuated Magnet

  • Permanent magnets with air actuation do not change their magnetic state if compressed air is lost – e.g. in case of a damaged pipe or compressor malfunction. This feature provides reliability and safety to material handling.
  • It can also handle perforated material
  • Itcan be left “on” indefinitely
  • Ease of installation

Due to its compact size & gripping force, peumatic magnets are versatile for various applications including: lifting magnets, robot grippers, fixtures, production automation, etc. In our next post, we’re going to make a simple comparison of pneumatically controlled permanent magnet with electrically switched permanent magnet.


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